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Exelon's Epic End Game

Electric M&A: The merger with PSE&G may herald a new industry structure, squarely at odds with regional markets.

Fortnightly Magazine - May 2005

MW, up to approximately 6,000 MW). Venhuizen says that NIPSCO has had to open a breaker on its Michigan City Generating Station and lower output on the MCGS unit 12. Working with the MISO RTO, NIPSCO either has placed limits on one of its 138-kV lines or performed redispatch. These affects on power flows are caused, NISOURCE explains, by ComEd increasing power exports from Illinois to points east.

And, if the merger goes through, with EEG divesting higher-priced fossil generation in New Jersey to trim market share and replacing it with lower-priced generation owned by ComEd in northern Illinois, “it follows that west-to-east flows of power across the NIPSCO system will continue to increase.”

By pure chance, it turns out Exelon failed recently to meet its regularly scheduled deadline for filing its latest triennial update to its authority to charge market-based rates, causing FERC to issue a deficiency letter: “Please revise your analysis based on the company’s most recent circumstances.” ( See FERC Docket Nos. ER99-754-009, letter order issued Mar. 25, 2005 .)

Exelon’s response was due to be filed at FERC on April 15. Perhaps that response will shed a little more light on the problem.