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Barriers to Transmission Superhighways

History teaches us that the most successful American businesses emerge from the crucible of competition.

Fortnightly Magazine - May 2006

entity with the ability to procure energy from the bulk power market during lower cost hours and/or when the unit is unavailable?” The answers are shown as “A. A customer can use network service for external load that is included as PJM network load. In this case, the customer must designate network resources to support the load. A customer must use firm point-to-point service for load that is excluded from PJM network load. Section 31.3 of the OATT, Network Load Not Physically Interconnected with the Transmission Provider, states: This section applies to both initial designation pursuant to Section 31.1 and the subsequent addition of new Network Load not physically interconnected with the Transmission Provider. To the extent that the Network Customer desires to obtain transmission service for a load outside the Transmission Provider’s Transmission System, the Network Customer shall have the option of (1) electing to include the entire load as Network Load for all purposes under Part III of the Tariff and designating Network Resources in connection with such additional Network Load, or (2) excluding that entire load from its Network Load and purchasing Point-To-Point Transmission Service under Part II of the Tariff. To the extent that the Network Customer gives notice of its intent to add a new Network Load as part of its Network Load pursuant to this section the request must be made through a modification of service pursuant to a new Application.” The FAQs may be found at