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CIS: Middleware Mashup: Smart Grid and the Back Office

Utilities are learning how smart-grid data will interface with CIS and other back-office systems. Meters and middleware are rapidly evolving in this brave new world.

Fortnightly Magazine - May 2007

just a few hours.

While the ultimate vision for the smart grid has yet to be described in full detail, utilities have been bringing that vision to life as they’ve moved forward with deployments, one intelligent system at a time.

“We’ve been working on AMR and AMI for a lot of years,” says Wright of Southern Co. “Early on, we recognized a lot of hidden benefits that we couldn’t exactly put our hands on, and it made it difficult within the company to get buy-in to the idea that this will really happen.” As new technologies and applications have become available, however, the idea of the smart grid has caught on at utilities like Southern, and more internal groups are becoming interested in the real-world possibilities.

“Now people are coming to the table faster than we are rolling out the technology,” Wright says. “That leads me to believe we will be able to realize the benefits of the smart grid.”