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Spaced Out

Geospatial applications are laying the groundwork for the next round of infrastructure development and customer interaction.

Fortnightly Magazine - September 2007

to the public.”

Autodesk worked with the open-source community to build an interface that allowed it to publish not only flat information but live information.

“You actually use MapGuide Enterprise as a live means of interacting with the data,” Speden says. “The Web previously was a one-way stream of data. We’re now delivering an interface that encourages participation—the ability to edit, annotate, and review information.”

For instance, Speden says, utilities often bring in contract crews or maintenance crews after a storm, or surge event, and those teams need quick access to geographic infrastructure data.

“We’re coming up with means to distribute the information out, and collect, where possible, that information back in,” he says. “That’s happening with workforce, customer billing, and back-office functions that still need a view onto that core infrastructure information. We’re looking for every opportunity to be competitive.”