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I Want My In-Home Display

Consumers await a revolutionary interface.

Fortnightly Magazine - October 2008

SCE vice president. “About 10 percent comes from energy conservation as a result of the information feedback. The remaining 30 percent of the benefits are from demand response, both through the communicating thermostat load-control program and new dynamic pricing options.” Those are the direct benefits. SCE also expects an additional $295 million in what it calls societal benefits—things like meter accuracy and theft reduction.

The company originally intended to start the rollout in 2010, but found that the vendor community responded to its needs faster than expected. SCE now expects total conversion by 2012, a year ahead of schedule.

“We’ve turned the corner,” De Martini says. “The system architecture has coalesced. Standards around the home area network are fast coalescing. Security hasn’t gelled yet, but we expect it within the next 12 months. A lot of progress has been made. We’re working on the finer points now.”