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Green Bailout

Congress pours tax benefits into efficiency and renewables.

Fortnightly Magazine - November 2008

Public Service Commissioner Rick Morgan told Fortnightly in this month’s cover story, “There’s no point in having smart meters if you’re still going to have dumb rates.”



Two errors occurred in Fortnightly’s October 2008 issue. In “ Fixing Depreciation Accounting ” by John S. Ferguson, the content on pages 18 and 19 were inadvertently switched. And in “ The Path Forward ,” by Michael T. Burr, four words were omitted. The last sentence on page 46 should read, “However, as long as financial markets continue functioning, most utilities won’t scrap their cap-ex plans—especially for investments required to satisfy regulatory obligations.” We apologize for the confusion these errors caused. Corrected versions of these articles are available at