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Going Off the Record

Lawyers say what they really think about changing policies.

Fortnightly Magazine - November 2009

if our national policy is that we need transmission, and if private investors can’t bear the risk, then why don’t we just do it directly the way we do with national defense or the interstate highway system? We could say the same thing about nuclear power infrastructure; private investors can’t afford the regulatory risk, so why can’t the federal government just do it?”

No Place Like Home : “We’re losing sight of the fact that we just fought a very dirty and bloody war over oil. If we’re sending people to die in foreign countries over our energy security, then I’m not sure we have the right energy policy. Forget about whether the climate is getting warmer; it’s not the most important issue. What’s important is that we need to focus on expanding sources of North American energy, whether it’s nuclear, coal, renewables or whatever. It’s fantastic if we’re moving to electric cars, but it means we’d better start getting domestic sources of electricity online.”