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What's Happening In the WECC?

High reserve margins and blackout risk are part of the extended forecast.

Fortnightly Magazine - December 2005

target of 2007 to be up and running. There has been no formal decision to form Grid West. WestConnect, representing the Southwestern portion of WECC, appears to be withering for lack of support, following the route of its predecessor, Desert Star. Also, the California ISO is in the process of a major redesign of its scheduling and congestion management.



1. Global Energy Power Market Advisory Service, WECC Electricity & Gas Market Outlook , Fall 2005,

2. WECC path ratings may not always be the appropriate value to use in modeling or in operating the system under certain conditions.

3. Chapter 8, “Resource Adequacy,” from the pre-publication draft of the Fifth Power Plan by the NW Council, January 2005.

4. The 1,500 MW Mohave coal-fired plant (in Nevada, partly owned by SCE) is put on cold standby for the 2006-2009 period in this study, during which time it is assumed that investments will be implemented that allow its continued operation in compliance with current laws and regulations.