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The Coming Conflict

Predicting discord in power plant property tax assessments.

Fortnightly Magazine - February 2010

Economic Impacts of H.R. 2454 , the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 , Energy Information Administration, U.S. Department of Energy, SR-OIAF/2009-05. The NEMS modeling framework used in this analysis is the same as that used in the Annual Energy Outlook . Both analyses, therefore, have a common basis that can be used to evaluate changes in future expectations.

6. eGRID2007 Version 1.1, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

7. Wellington, Fred and Michael Scholand, “ Carbon in Electricity Markets ,” Public Utilities Fortnightly , August 2009.

8. The analysis wasn’t applied to a small number of states (those coded as “N/A” in Figure 4) because these states either didn’t report budget conditions to the NCSL or explicitly excluded consideration of the income approach in property tax assessments. In these cases, tendencies toward conflict would need to be examined by other means.