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OMG Opportunity?

Electrifying the Android generation.

Fortnightly Magazine - February 2010

we get one?”

There is, however, one emerging utility-related technology that promises tangible and exciting benefits for consumers: the electric vehicle (EV).

At some point in the future of battery technology, automakers will start selling electric cars that are fun, functional and affordable. Those EVs will operate on a smart-charging system that allows convenient refueling across utility service territories, and our investments in the smart grid and everything that comes with it—including dynamic pricing and personalized energy management capabilities—will begin paying off in a way similar to telecom companies’ investments in wireless networks.

Until then, however, utilities will be making smart-grid investments primarily for less exciting purposes— e.g., to meet regulatory mandates and to deliver incremental value to shareholders. And when teenagers begin telling their parents, “All my friends are driving electric cars,” we’ll be ready for the opportunity.