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Fortnightly Magazine - April 2010

explains, “We have a sizeable number of accounts that present fairly complicated billing scenarios. For example, we have to deal with instances of looped meters as well as additive and deduct meters.” The City went live on Infinity.Link—the advanced electronic bill payment and presentment solution—concurrently with CIS Infinity.

Telvent launched its Telvent Conductor MDM that will allow the processing and assimilation of mass amounts of data from multiple AMI networks, turning this data into business information that can be made available to the entire company. Electric companies will have access to a system that integrates the entire scope of the AMI metering information and automates business processes in real time. The company says the solution, developed on a flexible architecture, is scalable so that utilities can interconnect multiple AMI networks and jointly manage millions of data items to reduce complexity and costs. Using the intelligence generated, utility managers will be able to develop innovative designs, including customized fees, time of use, and other time-dependent structures. The system is based on the PI platform from OSIsoft, which powers the acquisition, storage and recovery of data in real time on a large scale.

T&D and Smart Grid

Arcadian Networks in March launched the AE20r, a second generation router-gateway that integrates multiple technologies with numerous applications and devices. The AE20r is designed to allow utilities to gather real-time information from virtually any converged platform, permitting utilities to manage and monitor assets and to generate smart-grid efficiencies. The new device combines Arcadian’s licensed 700-MHz spectrum with an interface to WiMAX. The multiple AE20r interfaces are capable of supporting: Arcadian 700 MHz; WiMAX (802.16e, 802.16d); Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n); 3G/4G (EVDO,GPRS,EDGE,HSPA,LTE); Serial, USB, Ethernet; and 900 MHz (ISM and MAS) industrial radio. The unit provides a standards-based platform enabling third-party integration of network management and control systems.

Open Systems International, Inc. (OSI) has been selected by the Trinidad & Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) to supply a comprehensive new distribution SCADA system intended to secure and modernize the national distribution grid of Trinidad & Tobago. T&TEC is primarily a T&D company; however, it also possesses a 51 percent equity interest in the largest generation company in the country. T&TEC selected OSI’s monarch (Multi-platform Open Network ARCHitecture) technology to be implemented as a new distribution SCADA platform, to improve the security, reliability and functionality of Trinidad and Tobago’s national power distribution operations, facilitating industrial and commercial productivity, as well as overall economic growth.

IBM and Johnson Controls teamed up to provide a smart building solution that can improve operations and reduce energy and water consumption in buildings worldwide.

Building on an existing relationship formed between the two organizations in 2007 to create energy efficient data centers, the new offering is intended to benefit any building or portfolio of buildings. Key elements of the offering are designed to address critical building performance areas including systems integration, energy management, enterprise reporting, space utilization, and asset management.

The Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition (DRSG) announced that seven new members have joined the group. The new members are Ambient Corporation, Johnson Controls, Lockheed Martin,