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21st Century Talent

Building a workforce for today’s utility landscape.

Fortnightly Magazine - December 2010

feedback, succession planning, performance management, and compensation capabilities. In addition to providing robust functionality in one system, management benefits from having access to more comprehensive employee data and information.

Assets that Improve

The utilities industry will continue to wrestle with these same challenges over the next several years. As both the traditionalists and baby boomers start retiring, many more will stay in the workforce for some time. These years are a time of unprecedented change for the industry as it begins to transition traditional sources of energy and delivery models for new sources and models. To stay competitive, companies must put a premium on their talent management strategies, their efforts to promote a productive multi-generational workforce, and their ongoing employee development. At the end of the day, the industry must understand that employees are the most important asset of any company, and the only assets that can improve over time.