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Data-Driven Transformation

Building a business case around smart grid data.

Fortnightly Magazine - January 2011

in the areas of meter asset management and distribution management, and some possible outcomes in each step.

This three-step process is designed to be simple, as its effectiveness ultimately relies on how well it integrates into the broader smart grid program, while causing minimal disruption.

A Broader Approach

Managing a transformation the size, breadth, and complexity of smart grid will be a significant challenge to utilities. Maximizing the value of this transformation, however, demands a new, broader approach to identifying and cultivating potential opportunities. The data-driven smart grid approach looks at data proactively rather than letting data needs be driven solely by process and system requirements. This approach complements—but doesn’t replace— traditional approaches to large-scale business transformations, and demonstrates the value in placing data on equal footing with technology, process, and organization.

Leveraging data as a source of value is the key to establishing and realizing a strong smart grid business case.