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New Directions in Distribution Management

Advanced systems turn ‘event-driven’ binary schemes into hybrid hierarchical controls.

Fortnightly Magazine - February 2011

sources like AMI and line sensors. Growing scope and complexity in the distribution grid, and the rigorous demands of the operator’s job at times, will mandate new and simpler ways to use automation to manage the system. The next generation DMS will expose the data and functionality required to keep a finger on the smarter grid in new and more focused ways, guiding the user to make the right choices and, at times, making those choices itself. Tomorrow’s DMS will reduce operator error and enhance cyber security.

And there’s more—such as highly distributed, highly secure applications for use in a service vehicle or at home, and sentient asset databases and network models that update themselves for changes in the field—but perhaps those are topics for another day. The potential for growth in the advanced distribution management system’s ability to make the smart grid even smarter will reach into the far distance for some time to come.