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Balance of Power

Large grids can integrate more wind—without major burdens.

Fortnightly Magazine - May 2011

wind and solar generation capacity into the grid. And providers will be able to do so in a manner that doesn’t place a large burden on the balancing authority’s ability to plan bulk power operations in its area—particularly if the FERC-proposed rule on transmission scheduling is fully adopted.



1. Use of Frequency Response Metrics to Assess the Planning and Operating Requirements for Reliable Integration of Variable Renewable Generation, December 2010, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, LBNL-4142E, pg. 25.

2. Control Performance Standard (CPS) is defined as the reliability standard that sets the limits of a Balancing Authority’s control error over a specified time period. The CPS1 has a time period of one minute and CPS2 has a time period of 10 minutes. For wind projects, the CPS2 standard is more difficult to meet. For more detail on this standard, see “ Standard BAL-001-0.1a—Real Power Balancing Control Performance .”