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Solar Screen Test

Making room on the local grid for small-scale PV.

Fortnightly Magazine - May 2012

value from a series of numbers.

“That is, once obtained, the minimum load data needs to be analyzed by a professional engineer that has experience with the relevant distribution system.” (Comments, p. 13, filed March 27, 2012.)

But on the other hand, what better cause for interval meters and the smart grid?

The Edison Electric Institute and others might argue that mandatory collection and calculation of minimum load data would grant a subsidy to solar developers, but in this case, the utility industry seems to be on wrong side of history.

As New Jersey Attorney General Chiesa suggests, keeping minimum load data under wraps is in nobody’s best interest:

“This lack of relevant data results in unnecessary costs being incurred by developers of solar generation projects, which are socialized across successful projects and ultimately borne by ratepayers.”