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Fortnightly Magazine - July 2013
The Santa Clara City Library installed two new Ecotality EV charging stations.

interconnection. S&C is engineering and building a complete system using mechanically switched capacitors in three substations at the site. S&C also is designing and installing the control system in the plant’s east substation to manage the capacitor banks and switches. The project is expected to be completed by July 2013.

The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) awarded a contract to Siemens to construct the federal government’s largest wind farm. The facility will consist of five 2.3-MW turbines on 1,500 acres of government-owned property east of the Pantex nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly plant in Amarillo, Texas. Using an energy savings performance contract, Siemens will provide a turnkey wind farm that includes a multi-year service, maintenance, and warranty agreement. The cost of the project will be funded by the energy savings guaranteed by Siemens and will enable Pantex to meet President Obama’s directive for agencies to meet federal energy mandates as well as supporting the DOE’s renewable energy goals.

Georgia Power added 53.5 MW of new biomass capacity to the company’s generation portfolio through a 20-year purchase power agreement with Rollcast Energy. Under the agreement, Georgia Power will receive all generation output of the newly completed Piedmont Green Power plant, located in Barnesville, Ga. The plant will burn forestry byproducts, processing 500,000 tons of woody biomass annually. The owner will retain all renewable energy credits. 

SolarCity raised lease financing from Goldman Sachs to fund more than $500 million in solar power projects – an estimated 110 MW in generation capacity – for homeowners and businesses. The agreement was initiated in 2012 and expanded per its initial terms at the end of April. Solar City says the combined lease financing is the largest of its kind announced in the U.S. for homeowners’ rooftops. About 26 MW has already been deployed under the lease program. 

MidAmerican Energy will add up to 1,050 MW of wind generation, consisting of up to 656 new wind turbines, in Iowa by year-end 2015. If the expansion is approved by the Iowa Utilities Board, MidAmerican Energy will own and operate about 3,335 MW of wind generation capacity in Iowa by year-end 2015. 

Xcel Energy expanded an agreement with the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) for renewable energy forecasting. In the next two years, NCAR scientists and engineers will develop custom forecasting systems to enable Xcel Energy control centers in Minneapolis, Denver, Golden, Colo., and Amarillo, Tex., to anticipate sudden changes in wind, shut down turbines ahead of potentially damaging icing events, and predict the amount of energy generated by private solar panels. NCAR researchers expect to publish the results of these systems in peer-reviewed journals.

GE will supply 59 of its new 1.7-100 brilliant wind turbine to NextEra Energy Resources for a planned Michigan wind farm. GE’s latest development in wind turbine technology increases the rating on the 1.6-100 from 1.6 MW to 1.7 MW, boosting the power by 6 percent. 

IKEA commissioned a solar energy system at its store in Stoughton, Mass. The 118,000-square-foot photovoltaic (PV) array consists of a 590.8-kW (DC) system, containing 4,220 laminated panels. REC Solar