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Frontlines & Op-Ed

Response to Huntoon Re: Big Transmission

Letter to the Editor: A response to the article by Steve Huntoon in our September 2015 issue

Michael Beehler

Public/regulatory policy, economic viability and non-negotiable need to sustain near-100-percent system reliability could soon push building more “big transmission.”

Response to Cicchetti/Wellinghoff Re: Net Metering

Letters to the Editor: A response to the article by Charles Cicchetti and Jon Wellinghoff in our December 2015 issue

Ashley Brown

A major mistake is the claim, under net metering, customers who generate power with rooftop solar simply “bank” or “park” their extra electricity with their utility, retaining ownership rights.

No, Edison Wouldn't Recognize Today's Electric Industry

A put down of the industry’s innovation can be put aside

Steve Mitnick

The last year of Edison’s life was vastly different from today. Residential electric consumption is about 140 times greater than 1930.

Forum for Our Industry's Civil Discourse

Fortnightly’s new chief reflects on his background and our principles.

Steve Mitnick

The public interest is the coin of this realm.

Solar Shines As Regulatory Battles Abound

A tough legal and financial terrain is confronting producers, utilities and regulators.

Ken Silverstein

State commissions are challenged to find the sweet spot whereby utilities can afford to maintain their systems and homeowners are motivated to go green.

Will Natural Gas Move the Transportation Sector?

It has already changed the utility and manufacturing industries.

Ken Silverstein

In a free market society, it would only seem logical to allow the ‘unrestricted’ flow of goods and services, as it pertains to U.S. produced natural gas.

The Economics of Clean Power

And how the market has outmaneuvered the political forces, so far.

Ken Silverstein

While former CEO Charles Bayless says that economics remains the driving factor behind the shifting sands, there are plenty who would put the blame on the Obama administration and its “War on Coal.”

Is Nuclear Energy Still Viable?

Cheap natural gas is not just hurting coal. It’s doing the same to nuclear.

Ken Silverstein

As the nation strives for cleaner air and less carbon emissions, nuclear – the most promising carbon-free power source – faces stiff competition from natural gas, which is cheap, abundant, and a lot easier to get permitted and built than a conventional reactor.

Utilities Cutting Cord to Coal

It’s not personal. It’s just business.

Ken Silverstein

With coal’s troubles piling up, so too are stories about the industry’s “bleak” future in the United States – a casualty of cheap natural gas, thinning coal seams, and the pursuit of lower-carbon alternatives. Just as conspicuous: utilities, which have long allied themselves with the coal developers, are retiring their older coal units in droves.

The Driving Ambition of Elon Musk

An electric car in every driveway, a battery in every garage.

Ken Silverstein

Tesla’s Elon Musk is driving the electric car off the lot and onto the premises of America’s electric utilities, proposing to build and sell energy storage batteries on both a residential and grid-wide scale – ideas that the chief executive will fully flesh out at the Edison Electric Institute’s annual meeting in New Orleans this June.