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Electric vehicles

The Fortnightly 40

The 40 Best Energy Companies

Michael T. Burr

(September 2009) The industry’s best companies are weathering the financial storm reasonably well, with the F40 delivering equity returns in the 14-percent range for fiscal 2008. However, falling sales and rising costs are putting heavy pressure on balance sheets—and on regulatory relationships. Companies that balance customer value and shareholder value will be most likely to thrive in the new normal.

The V2G Concept: A New Model for Power?

Connecting utility infrastructure and automobiles.
Steven E. Letendre, Ph.D., and Willett Kempton, Ph.

Alec Brooks, Tom Gage, 2001, "Integration of Electric Drive Vehicles with the Electric Power Grid - a New Value Stream". Paper presented at the 18th International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition, 20-24 October 2001, Berlin, Germany. (Full written version available from

Electric Vehicles: The Case for (and Against) Incentives

Andrew Ford

California's retreat from its zero-emission targets eases the pressure on utilities, making time for a fresh look at public and private efforts.

Electric vehicles (EVs) hold interest for utility companies around the world.