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The ISO forges ahead, with or without its members.
Lori A. Burkhart


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Dynegy's David Francis, vice president for western power trading, testified on Dec. 21 on why he thought the ISO was bending the rules:
Citizens' Utility Ratepayer Bd. v. Kansas Corp. Comm'n, Nos. 85,750 et al., Dec. 15, 2000 (Kan.App.)


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Jeffrey K. Skilling

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FERC Docket No. ER01-313-000, filed Nov. 1, 2000


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Case No. 99-1212- EL-ETP, Sept. 13, 2000 (Ohio P.U.C.)

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State PUCs

Restructuring Plans. The Ohio PUC denied rehearing of its restructuring order for FirstEnergy issued two months earlier, rejecting arguments by all petitioners-utility, marketers, and consumer watchdog groups.

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PUC Oversight: Panacea or New Problem?
Docket No. ER97-2353-000, Opinion No. 447, 92 FERC ¶61,169, Aug. 17, 2000

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Mergers & Acquisitions
Docket No. EC00-26-000, 91 FERC ¶61,036, April 12, 2000.

News Digest Inc? A Smokestack Industry Faces the E-Future

Richard Stavros

Gas Executives' Forum


News Analysis

Carl J. Levesque

They see leasing and dark fiber as "no-risk" ventures, with more upside potential.

Few seem ready to predict when demand might wane for rights-of-way for long-haul telecommunications. The consensus suggests a long-lived market - with interstate natural gas pipelines primed to take advantage. The question seems not so much whether to dive in, but how deeply to get involved.

Should pipelines stick to leasing rights-of-way to carriers? Or should they lay fiber and perhaps offer their own long-haul services?

High Voltage: Affiliate Rules Shock Utility Markets

Joseph F. Schuler, Jr.

Subsidiaries grapple with codes of conduct. Did regulators overreact?

PG&E Corp. has threatened to appeal - all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if need be - a $1.68 million California Public Utilities Commission fine, slapped on it for violating affiliate rules.

The fine marked the loudest shot to date in what appears to be part two in the electric and gas restructuring wars:

The Affiliate Rules Wars.

These skirmishes promise to pit independent power marketers and out-of-state utility affiliates against the affiliates of incumbents.