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Rising Power Prices: The Metering Industry's Big Break?

San Diego Gas & Electric turns vendor heads with its plan to install real-time meters, but the company could face heat from regulators.
Bruce W. Radford


San Diego Gas & Electric turns vendor heads with its plan to install real-time meters, but the company could face heat from regulators.

This is a landmark event," says Bill Rush, a physicist at the Gas Technology Institute, and a gas industry expert on electric utility metering systems.

Off Peak

Off Peak

September 1, 2000

Wakeup Call in San Diego?

By Regina R. Johnson

News Digest

Docket No. EL00-91-000, 92 FERC

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The Next Killer App: Load Management, Only This Time for Real

Tomorrow's Network: A Two-Way Street

William M. Smith


The technology is here. What's missing is the will to use it.

EPA's Emissions Rule: Reliability at Stake?

SIP Call in a Nutshell
Richard Stavros


Some fear NOx controls will spawn outages and higher power prices.

Utility executives say the EPA's plan to reduce ground-level ozone in the nation's eastern half by controlling emissions of nitrogen oxides in upwind states could undermine electric reliability and force power prices higher.

Pricing Reform for the Local Disco: Setting Rates That Will Support Distributed Generation

The Proposed Distribution Tariff
Shimon Awerbuch, Ph.D.


How to replace the bundled utility tariff with a rational design for access, throughput, and congestion.

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Electric Reliability
Case No. 2000-095, May 15, 2000 (Ky.P.S.C.).

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News Digest

Mergers & Acquisitions
Docket No. EC00-26-000, 91 FERC ¶61,036, April 12, 2000.

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News Digest

A Subtle but Clear Preference for ISOs

Jeremiah D. Lambert

Do not mistake the FERC's professed neutrality on what works best for regional transmission organizations.

In its final rule on regional transmission organizations, known as Order 2000,[Fn.1] the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said it would not dictate to the electric utility industry whether and how to form RTOs. Don't be misled. The FERC claims to be agnostic,[Fn.2] but it still has a vision. And that vision leads inexorably to one conclusion. The preferred form for an RTO is the independent system operator, or ISO.