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Toward a Self-healing Smart Grid

Advanced distribution management technology promises to revolutionize operations.

Dick DeBlasio

Building blocks of the self-healing grid are taking shape. End-to-end integration will enable the grid to achieve 21st-century resilience.

Energy Disconnect

Misguided policies threaten resource adequacy.

Stephen L. Teichler and Dennis Hough

Resource planning is grinding to a halt. From EPA regulations to irrational markets, today’s policy missteps threaten tomorrow’s reliability.

SGIP, New and Improved

Making the case for collaboration on interoperability standards

John D. McDonald

The mission of harmonizing industry standards moves forward in the work of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel 2.0, Inc.

In the Situation Room

Presidential attention raises the priority level for cybersecurity.

By Michael T. Burr, Editor-in-Chief

Have industry leaders and regulators turned a corner on efforts to make the grid more secure?


A new watchword for the industry and its regulators.

Michael T. Burr, Editor-in-Chief

If the concept of resilience—including cyber and physical security—had been baked into the industry’s culture from the beginning, the energy grid might look a lot different from what it does today.

Mitt Romney and You

Bold plan for independence, or more partisan overreach?

By Michael T. Burr, Editor-in-Chief

The Republican nominee’s energy plan doesn’t say much about electricity or natural gas. But what it does say should sound familiar to anyone who’s followed energy policy for more than four years.