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e-Commerce Collusion? The Trustbusters Take Aim

Privacy Concerns: Can Gaming Be Prevented?
Richard Stavros


The Federal Trade Commission likely will regulate those business-to-business Web portals, but how much?

Electric utility executives may be a step behind the Internet revolution, but in one key respect they may have an advantage over anyone else building an e-commerce Web portal for business-to-business (B2B) procurement.

Utility executives don't fear government regulation. They're already caught in the net.

e-Commerce of Bust? A Primer for Utilities

Business Online: Fad or Revolution?
Soam Goel

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News Digest

Docket Nos. EL00-46-000 et al., 91 FERC ¶61,276, June 14, 2000.

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Never before have investors known less about what their company is up to.
Bruce W. Radford


What's a Utility?

Never before have investors known less about what their company is up to.

How many different types of "utility" companies can you name? Which ones would you trust the most to double or triple your investment nest egg? Which ones make you nervous?

News Analysis

But the governor gets burned in the fallout.
Lori A. Burkhart

News Analysis


Questar Gets Its Way in Utah



Has the electric industry got lawmakers in its back pocket, or are charges of bias just smoke?



Redundant Restructuring: How the Dual-Retailer Model Makes Electric Markets Too Complex

Patrick O'Rourke


A call for utilities to leave the marketing business.

Many of us on the front lines can identify with Stanley Klein's observation that, in terms of its implementation, the restructuring of the electric power industry is "fundamentally an information technology event."1