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Gas-Fired Power Generation USA: Market Report

Successfully plan, upgrade and operate your generation fleet with knowledge on the outlook for gas-fired generation

With current EPA regulations, abundant supply and low natural gas prices ushering in a “golden age” for gas power generation in the US, major utilities and IPPs are seeking to capitalize on this clean-burning, abundant and cheap fuel.

Responding to this, FC Gas Intelligence have released a complimentary ‘Gas-Fired Power Generation USA: Market Report’ – with up-to-the-minute analysis by industry leaders of the Gas-Fired Power Generation market in North America.

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Key features of this market report include:

·        A comprehensive gas for power market review – an assessment of the key drivers for natural gas-fired plant construction and development

·        Analysis of pipeline capacity and gas/electric coordination – exploration of the debate behind a solution to the market’s greatest challenge

·        Interviews with industry experts – gain valuable insight into these core issues from those at the heart of the industry

·        Benefits of natural gas as a generation fuel – key environmental and technological advantages of gas-fired power

·        Case studies and strategic insight – specific regional challenges explained (such as the Northeast) and details of projects underway to overcome these

This white paper is must-read for all stakeholders in the US power generation industry to gain valuable insight and form a natural gas focused business strategy.

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