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Fortnightly Magazine - September 15 1997

meter read, RTP, CCLM, auto outage detection, remote connect/disconnect

Glaskow, Ky.Electronic village, Internet access (MCI, T-1 circuit), security, energy mgmt.

Gulf Pwr.AMR, RTP, CCLM, auto outage detection, remote c/d

NashvilleHome automation, remote c/d, remote meter read

PG&EEnergy use (remote monitor), home network, Internet connect to TV box

PSC of Colo.AMR, energy use (remote monitor), auto outage detect., RTP

SoCalEdAMR, bill disaggregation, outage detect., energy mgmt.

Southern Co.RTP, energy mgmt., Internet, security, long-distance tel., interactive TV, one bill

Tamp Elec.AMR, bill disaggregation, entertainment, home automation, Internet, interactive TV, remote c/d, RTP, security

WEPCOAMR, CCLM, outage detect., remote c/d, security

Source: Michael. A. Rucker, The Second Opinion (market research and branding), Atlanta.


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