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Electric Meter Deregulation: Potholes on the Road to Plug-and-Play

Fortnightly Magazine - September 15 1998

of competitive metering, buy into a standard that facilitates unnecessary services? The advocates of UCA were never able to show that this extra functionality came at a low or trivial cost. The meter manufacturers didn't want to adopt it."

However, Bill Rush believes that UCA could have served as the communications protocol at the meter level, and in fact argued that point before the PSWG, but without success.

6 American National Standards Institute, "Utility Industry End Device Data Tables" (also known as the "Tucker Tables," after the originator, consultant Richard Tucker).

7 Itron offered these comments to the final PSWG report: "The number one reason that blind adherence to C12.19 is not in the best interests of a competitive, open access market, is that it is recognized by the ANSI committee that wrote it as a standard that requires additions and modifications to reflect current technology and market conditions."

8 "Interoperability of meters would require selection of a single communications technology (from telephone, cellular phone, PCS, two-way aging, various network meter reading radio technologies, satellite, etc.), and agreement on the exact implementation of the C12.19 data formats, which despite the standard, differ in implementation by each manufacturer."


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