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The 1998 Utility Regulators Forum Four States, Eight Views: Looking Back on Deregulation

Fortnightly Magazine - November 15 1998

Yes. Should states be more involved with their ISOs? Absolutely. But there's only so many hours in the day."

? Interventionist or Free Market?

"The government has a role here to absolutely try to do the equivalent of food labeling and finding the right balance in terms of emission disclosure and other issues. It's tricky. But I don't believe the market by itself should be allowed to operate without some generic rules concerning what customers should be told."

Learning From Others.

"Somebody had to go first. Just because I disagree with some of the things that have been done in California, it doesn't mean I'm not grateful for what California did.

"The things I think other states have done, a few states have done well, better than Pennsylvania, primarily revolve around the issue of divestiture. And perhaps some of the ISO rules."

Plants For Sale.

"If it's tied to quantifying stranded costs and it's tied to remedying market power issues, it's generally a good development. If it's not tied to either of those two things, it's probably a neutral development."

Who's Best?

"I don't believe Pennsylvania is anywhere nearly perfect in terms of creating a genuinely competitive market ¼ I think Pennsylvania so far is the state that has provided the most opportunity for competition in the transition period.

"A state to watch might be Texas. Maybe Arizona. Those would be two states that I think have an opportunity to go beyond Pennsylvania."

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