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Fortnightly Magazine - January 1 1999

didn't speak to anyone with TransPoint in writing it. He states on page 18, "MSFDC functions similarly to an online bill consolidator, according to Lanza and MSFDC literature." Mike Lanza, president, Just In Time Solutions Inc., is our competitor; yet if you don't read carefully, you would think he is a TransPoint spokesperson! Mr. Lanza is not an authority on our service and certainly isn't inclined to tell your publication the whole truth about us, his competition. If Mr. Grzanka used our literature in writing this article as he claimed, I'd sure like to see what he used.

In our opinion, this article is an example of irresponsible and sloppy reporting. I know this isn't representative of your publication; therefore, I have no doubt that you are as bothered with it as are we.

Barbara L. Hemberger

Account Supervisor

Shandwick International


Editor's Note: Shandwick is TransPoint's public relations agency.

The Author Responds: Many utilities said they "liked the full range of features" in MSFDC (now TransPoint), but other utilities preferred to have their customers access their websites directly for bill payment. The author regrets failing to mention that a secure Internet browser is all a consumer needs to access the TransPoint server. MSFDC did not respond to an e-mail request for information when the article was being prepared.

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