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The EDI Solution: Help of Hindrance in Billing and Metering?

Fortnightly Magazine - October 1 1999

think. ¼

"The Utilities support building the New York model without Drop Responses. The Utilities contend that, among other things, Drop Responses transactions [will]:

1. Obscure the accountability of the business partners.

2. Lower the efficiency of the process.

3. Provide little or negative business value.

4. Add to data transmission costs.

5. Add to up-front development costs. ¼

"[Instead] each Utility will process enrollment and switching requests by ensuring that: (1) the account number provided belongs to a valid customer; and (2) the customer is eligible, by the Utility's standards, to be switched to a new service provider. A Drop transaction will be sent to the ESCO/Marketer who is currently on record with the Utility as the customer's supplier. ¼

"[T]he ESCO/Marketer's system will send a TS997 Functional Acknowledgment back to the Utility indicating that a valid EDI transaction was received. ¼ [A]ny dispute from there forward should be handled "off line" with, for example, a phone call from the ESCO/Marketer to the Utility.

Source: Excerpts from Report of the New York EDI Collaborative, pp. 47-50, Electronic Data Interchange Proceeding, Case 98-M-0667, June 30, 1999 (N.Y.P.S.C.)


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