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Internet Mavericks: Still Working Out of the Garage?

e-Commerce is consolidating, but there's room for the little guys too.
Fortnightly Magazine - November 1 2000

guard their consumption data [for competitive reasons].

Do you sell also to the utility or energy service provider?

Our technology works equally well for anybody. It just depends on who recognizes the value and who wants to take advantage of it.

Who is your largest customer?

Probably [property management and real estate development concern] TrizecHahn. We are currently rolling out our services for their properties in Houston, Dallas, Tulsa, [and] St. Louis. Also, [oil and gas company] Halliburton. We're monitoring their large loads for them so that their energy manager at a central point can know what's going on at any point in time across the company.

Would you like to go after the residential customer as well?

Yes. We think it's important that this data be collected at the residential level. There are still some issues, not the least of which is the regulatory access to the meter piece, because if utilities are going to charge you two or three hundred dollars, you'll never get a price point that works. You get that issue resolved and technology continues to develop, we think that we can get the price points down that you can provide this to people for a couple bucks a month—similar to caller ID.

I'm a parent of one teenager and two more to come. The notion that I can say, "Your mom and I are going to be gone for the weekend, so no partying"—and then come back and verify that there was no party that went till 2 in the morning—you could do all sorts of neat things with that.

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