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How to price energy during a stage 3 alert?
Fortnightly Magazine - April 15 2001


"An emergency does not exist," says Muller, "if power is available and the only issue is price. The refusal on the part of the buyer to buy available power at a certain price must not be construed as an emergency."

Project Neptune: All Wet?
Demise was exaggerated, say developers.

This just in from E. John Tomkins, professional engineer and director of Atlantic Energy Partners LLC, developer of Project Neptune, the plan to build an undersea electric transmission line (high-voltage, direct current) along the Atlantic Coast from the Canadian maritime provinces to landfalls in Boston, Connecticut, New York City, and New Jersey, as described in this column two months ago. ().

Tompkins buzzed me recently to say that his project is still very much alive—even though the New England Independent System Operator may have suggested otherwise in its queue of proposed grid interconnections.

"We have received many calls," says Tompkins, "about the problem that the queue listing for ISO New England indicates 'withdrawn' for our previous filing, which is misleading. Our revised filings are posted as of March 19, 2001," he adds. "We have told ISO-NE that we believe our previous filing should indicate 'refiled' - not 'withdrawn.'"


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