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Off Peak

From Malibu to Beverly Hills, they all want a personal generator.
Fortnightly Magazine - June 15 2001

machinery has to sit in the front or back yard? Signo says no, due to the size of most homes in Malibu.

"Most homes are so large and sit on so much property, that many times, the front yard is what is hidden from sight, and the backyard is in plain view. So, it's up to the homeowner where they position the piece of machinery."

But just because you see your name in lights, don't think that city officials in Malibu are going to make installing a generator any easier for you.

"MOVIE STARS HAVE ASKED FOR VARIANCES IN THE CODE IN THE PAST, AND WE'VE TOLD THEM 'NO,'" says Signo. "Movie stars have to go through the same rigorous process as everyone else." That rigorous process involved not only following the city planning codes, but also having the plans for construction approved by the Coastal Commission. Signo says that the Coastal Commission does a three-part check to make sure the construction will have no negative effects on the environment in Malibu.

So, while it may not be the end-all, fix-all solution for the California energy crunch, many individuals have found that the use of personal generators is definitely worthwhile-particularly when it comes to keeping cool. And as the situation out West continues to escalate, Californians can look for more and more of these machines to pop up in a backyard near you.


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