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Don't Rush the Seamstress: Second Thoughts on the Marriage of the Northeast Grids

Why a standard design in each ISO is no guarantee of regional coordination.
Fortnightly Magazine - September 1 2001

to set up an IRTO, at least until North America manages to put together a continental grid.

Isn't the IRTO just one more idea that we don't need?

It's no more untried than anything else on the table, and we think that setting up the IRTO would be a more manageable task, computationally, than the MOU/SMD proposal. 11

To be fair about it, the FERC may have gotten one thing right-that a lot of small, uncoordinated ISOs will not succeed in forming viable competitive markets. The question on the table, however, is this: Will a hastily arranged marriage encouraged by FERC, with FERC prescribing the details of the market, produce a vigorous, efficient market, either?

That sounds like the opening of one of those old radio soap operas doesn't it? Unfortunately, it is not.

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