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Cape Cod: Twisting in the Wind?

Wind developers face a backlash from citizens.
Fortnightly Magazine - May 15 2002

well. Supporters spoke passionately about the benefits of renewable energy, and wind energy in particular, and what this wind farm project could bring to Cape Cod. See some of their comments below:

  • "According to the developer, the information gathered from this tower will not only be used for the wind farm development, but will also be shared with the Coast Guard, FAA, and other state and federal agencies. ... During a maritime emergency, it would be good to know this data if the Coast Guard has to go into a lifesaving procedure.

    On a larger scale, this wind farm project is important to us as a region, due to the energy impact it will have during peak demand periods. We have become more and more dependent on natural gas. ... A 420 MW project could be very useful to ensure reliability in this area."-

  • "I am the president of the Cape & Islands Self Reliance Corporation, which has been promoting renewable energy for two decades. I am in favor of the wind-monitoring tower on Horseshoe Shoal. ... I am very familiar with wind energy, as I had a wind generator for 15 years. ... and I've also sailed the waters of Horseshoe Shoal all my life.

    It's clear that most everyone wants a source of renewable energy. ... [I think] the proposed wind farm would get strong support if the developers promoted a partnership between themselves and the citizens. We would like to know that we are not only a critical component and beneficiary of the project, but also a director of its operation, with a role at the beginning, and if necessary, at the end. ... If the wind farm is to be located in the shelters of our waters, then we, the citizens, should be among its proponents, protectors, and trustees.

    As I see it, user dependency on fossil fuels has been our Titanic, and our dependency on wind will be our tall ship."-

  • "Gathering data on our oceans is a national priority and imperative. ... This platform will provide a facility for the monitoring of wind, ocean, and atmospheric data. ... This facility will provide a wealth of information that will provide a better understanding of Nantucket Sound and our offshore frontier in the oceans."-
  • "I am the general counsel of the Competitive Power Coalition (CPC) of New England. The CPC is a trade organization comprised of all the power generators in New England. Currently, we represent 90 percent of all installed capacity in New England. ... And, I'm here tonight to say we strongly and enthusiastically support this project.

    "The CPC was a leader in restructuring in Massachusetts. A key environmental component of that restructuring law was the renewable portfolio standard (RPS). ... The design of the RPS was to encourage the development of renewable resources within the Commonwealth so the citizens of Massachusetts could reap the economic and environmental benefits of renewable projects here. ... And as the drafters of the [RPS] bill said, Cape Wind is the poster child of what the RPS proposal was supposed