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High Gas Prices: The Edge Comes Off

High Gas Prices:
Fortnightly Magazine - November 2004
  1. and complimentary quantitative summaries of the development of an LNG industry for the United States, see Damien Gaul, "U.S. LNG Markets and Uses: June 2004 Update," Energy Information Administration, June 2004 and Stephen Thumb "All Eyes on LNG: U.S. Gas Supply Options and Prospects for Relief (Part 1)," EPRI, , September 2004. This latter publication contains a very useful LNG Supply Curve built from project information.
  2. . Thumb, p. 6.
  3. American Gas Association, June 26, 2003, which stated, "State public utility commission should pre-authorize utility requests to purchase certain volumes of natural gas at set prices under long-term contracts."
  4. New York Public Service Commission, "Statement of Policy on Further Steps Toward Competition in Retail Energy Markets and Statement of Policy on Unbundling," Aug. 25, 2004.

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