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Green Price Stability

New approaches account for the economic benefits of renewables.

Fortnightly Magazine - January 2009

and many states now rely on RECs for renewable portfolio standard (RPS) compliance.

40. The project owner might retain the benefits in the case that the fixed-price renewable electricity is sold as power indexed off of fluctuating electricity prices. Conversely, if the purchaser of the underlying renewable energy agrees to a fluctuating price for power indexed off the electricity market, the project owner could benefit if electricity prices rise and they are able to profit from the difference in their fixed costs and the rising sale price of electricity. Or, if electricity prices decrease, then they developer would get paid less for power produced.

41. Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCO). (June 16, 1999). Decision No. R99-678 , In the matter of the application of Public Service Company of Colorado for an air quality improvement rider to recover the costs of voluntary emission reductions in three metro area power plants .

42. Xcel Energy (2002). “Xcel Energy’s Petition for Approval of Rate Rider to Recover Costs of Emissions Reduction Proposal,” Docket No. E002/M-02-633 .