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Ontario's Feed-In Tariff

Can a European-style renewable model work in the Americas?

Fortnightly Magazine - October 2009

wind and under 2 percent solar PV.

3. German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Renewable Energies in Germany – A Success Story .

4. Led by the OPA, it included the Independent System Operator, the Ontario Energy Board, Hydro One (the transmission utility) and the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure. Power Advisory LLC acted as a consultant to the OPA for the committee and the subsequent multi-stakeholder process.

5. Queen’s Printer, Bill 150, Preamble, pg. 4.

6. Ontario Power Authority, Feed-in Tariff Home page .

7. The legislation calls it a standard offer, but the rates are cost-based and differentiated by technology, so it is more appropriately a feed-in tariff.

8. Contracts for solar power may span 10 to 25 years.