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April 2012
Jacobs Engineering is rebuilding a gas-fired power plant within a historic building on the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis.

Industry introduced its new Sinvert PVM UL inverter, designed to convert solar energy into grid-compliant AC voltage. The inverters are available in the range from 12 kW to 24 kW for small- to medium-sized plants, and Simens says they’re capable of 98 percent peak efficiency. The inverters are compliant with IEC, UL and NFPA standards.

Demand Response

Honeywell implemented a two-year pilot program with Hawaiian Electric Co. to demonstrate how demand response (DR) technology can help integrate more intermittent renewable energy into the electric grid. Hawaiian Electric will conduct a test of fast DR technology, which gives the utility and commercial and industrial facilities the tools to temporarily reduce demand within 10 minutes of notification. When the utility triggers an event, the system will communicate with building management systems to automatically execute load-shed measures that customers set in advance, such as cycling air conditioners and turning off non-essential lights, pumps, and motors. In the first phase, the program will provide more than 6 MW of semi-automated load control. 

, which provides standby power systems, expanded its service offerings to include support and management of generators in DR programs. Titan will focus primarily on interruptible-rate DR, which uses a customer’s onsite power generation as a source of load control. The DR management program combines generator service and maintenance, onsite monitoring, remote control, and trend analyses.

Enterprise Software

DTE Energy Services finished converting the formerly coal-fired Mt. Poso power plant to burn biomass.

Canary Labs released v.9.5 of its data historian and trending applications. The new version expands data replication, communication capabilities, mobile features, add-ins for Microsoft Excel, and support for historical aggregates. The company says the upgrade will simplify the consolidation of data to a centralized server. Drivers allow Canary Labs to interface with third-party business systems such as Oracle, SAP and Crystal Reports.

Space Time Insight introduced the Situational Intelligence Suite for Utilities, a set of applications that convert real-time, historical, and predictive data into displays for decision-making. Built on geospatial and visual analytics software, the system is designed to allow utility managers to visualize and analyze assets, resources, and operating conditions, which the company says will facilitate collaboration across departments. The system’s smart meter application is intended to help organizations visually correlate real time meter data with enterprise, grid, communications, environmental, and other information streams to better understand their smart meter operations.

Smart Grid

The Siemens smart grid division and TIBCO Software provided smart grid enterprise integration services to Consolidated Edison for a smart grid demonstration project funded by a Department of Energy (DOE) grant under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act . TIBCO says its enterprise messaging technology will give Con Edison real-time flow of information across deployed assets for decision making capabilities, while Siemens smart grid visualization capabilities provide a browser-based user interface. Implementation began in August 2011, with completion scheduled for May 2013.

National Grid is installing Coulomb Technologies electric vehicle charging stations at 30 locations around Massachusetts.

Hitachi and Silver Spring Networks formed a strategic alliance, under which the two companies will jointly undertake R&D for new smart grid products. Hitachi and Silver Spring have been working together on a collaborative smart grid demonstration project on the Hawaiian island of Maui since the spring of 2011. As part of the strategic