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Smart Meters on The March

New federal policies portend a wave of demand-response programs, and perhaps a new era in resource planning.

Michael T. Burr

When President Bush signed the energy bill on August 8, he set in motion a chain of events that might lead to major changes in the way utilities price and meter retail electric services—and ultimately in the way they value and use non-traditional energy resources.

Off Peak

Regulators count on price signals to force consumers to behave.
*Witnesses: U.S. Sen. Larry E. Craig (R.., Idaho); Raymond L. Gifford (chairman, Colo. Pub. Serv. Comm'n), Tony Schaefer (Chairman, New Mex. Pub. Reg. Comm'n), Roy Hemmingway (energy advisor for Oregon Governor John A. Kitzhhaber), William L. Massey (FERC), Linda K. Breathitt (FERC), Roger Hamilton (Oregon Pub. Util. Comm'n), Greg Keeley (speaker pro tem, Calif. Gen. Assembly), and Marsha H. Smith (Idaho Pub. Utils. Comm'n).

Off Peak

May 15, 2001

Now Do as You're Told


Regulators count on price signals to force consumers to behave.

Boise, Idaho: Tues. Apr. 10, 2001, 8 a.m.

Mergers and the Public Interest: Saving the Savings for the Poorest Customers

Roger Colton, Karen Brown, and Jeff Ackermann


How Colorado's settlement in the Xcel merger builds a case for treating needy ratepayers as a separate class entitled to merger benefits.


John Andrew Singer

PYRAMIDS FALL. While I enjoyed reading the "Pyramid Schemes" article in your May 1, 1998 issue, as the lead prosecutor in the Federal Trade Commission's action against FutureNet I feel a clarification is in order. While the FTC's complaint focused on FutureNet's Internet access program, certain concerns attach to any program which focuses on recruitment since one of the hallmarks of a pyramid is the lack of any relationship between the compensation paid to a distributor for recruiting and the sale of any product. (Webster v. Omnitrition International Inc., 79 F. 3d 776, 781 [9th Cir.

Off Peak

AMID WORRIES THAT RESIDENTIAL CONSUMERS MAY NOT benefit from competition comes a study that shows at least one industry will: metering. This market is expected to grow an average of 5 percent per year through 2002.

By 2002, the metering industry is expected to be worth $3.1 billion, up from $2.4 billion last year, says Metering for Utilities: Riding the Wave of Deregulation, a new book from Business Communications Co.

Overall, meter reading systems are expected to log the highest average annual growth rate, about 16 percent each year over the next five years.

Hurdling Ever Higher: A New Obstacle Course for Mergers at the FERC?

John F. Mandt and Karl R. Moor

For the partners in a utility merger, the celebration must wait. After opening the most delicate of dialogues, and then negotiating the price and closing the deal, the merger partners must yet gain the approval of regulators. The application may lie sealed in its FedEx pouch, safely on its way to Washington.

Learning from California's QF Auction

Paul Gribik

California's 1993 qualifying facility (QF) auction dramatically illustrates problems that can be encountered in structuring auctions for electric utility solicitations of supply-side resources from qualifying cogeneration and small power production facilities.

In the 1993 California QF auction, three California utilities were to select QFs that would be awarded long-term purchased-power contr