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News Digest

FERC Docket No. RT01-86-000, filed Jan. 16, 2001

News Digest


Surviving and Thriving in the RTO Revolution

How to design tariffs to improve reliability and attract merchant generation.
Rajat K. Deb, Lie-long Hsue, Alex Ornatsky, and Jason E. Christian

1 A representation of a generic interconnection, with thermal, hydro, and nuclear generation sharing a grid with a winter peaking load.

2 , 93 FERC 61,294, Dec. 15, 2000.

3 For a survey of methods, see J.W. Marangon Lima "Allocation of Transmission Fixed Charges: An Overview,", Vol. 11, No. 3, 1996.

End the Gridlock: Why Transmission is Ripe for New Technology

Recent advances in materials science promise a new, truly competitive paradigm for grid investment without land-use headaches or "big-iron" solutions.
John B. Howe



Ten ways to fix the mess in electric restructuring.
Gordon L. Weil


Competition that causes gas transport facilities to be duplicated is ineffective, argues a reader.



Bruce W. Radford


T+D Out, G+D In

Why not keep the power plants and sell off transmission instead?

Powerline Telecommunications: Mission Impossible?

PLT: History of Developments and Debacles
Richard Stavros


PLT could allow energy companies to provide Internet, voice, and data via the grid, but technological hurdles and fierce competition remain obstacles.

Electric Retailing: When Will I See Profits?

Deregulation Abroad: Still Reaching Its Potential
Ahmad Faruqui


Wait for the "second wave," when new products help suppliers escape the trench warfare of pricing.

News Digest

Mergers & Acquisitions
Docket No. EC00-26-000, 91 FERC ¶61,036, April 12, 2000.

News Digest

Gas-on-Gas Discounting: Still a Zero-Sum Game

The Policy: Blind Faith in Supply-Side Subsidy
J. Michel Marcoux

Gas-on-Gas Discounting: Still a Zero-Sum Game