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Public Power: An Inexpensive Insurance Policy Against Consolidation

Fortnightly Magazine - September 1 1997

now imposed by many private power companies who are still able to exercise market power by their control of these essential facilities;

• Challenge attempts by private companies to shift the costs of expensive power generation facilities onto utility transmission plants and rates; and

• Oppose efforts of private utilities to use their large financial resources to frustrate attempts by cities and towns to provide their own electric service.

Mr. Munson's leaps of logic and misinformed attacks on public power strive to deflect the real issues involved in the debate over the future structure of the electric utility industry. Recognizing the diverse composition of the industry is important. This diversity will benefit consumers and help achieve and sustain effective competition. Keeping in mind that the goal of restructuring is to provide the benefits of competition to all consumers is equally important. Public power is an important, potent and pro-consumer factor in this effort. t

Alan Richardson is executive director of the American Public Power Association. He joined APPA in 1977 and has been a spokesperson for public power at meetings and events throughout the country. In addition, he has testified before congressional committees and regulatory agencies and has published many articles on developments in the electric utility industry.


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