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Fortnightly Magazine - February 1 2000

existing electricity is greener than it actually is," said Larry Alexander, one of the authors of the report. Alexander noted, however, that "[s]tate disclosure laws help set the record straight. They make the case for green power." See

State-by-State Restructuring. The number of states with electric deregulation initiatives under way has more than doubled during the past two years, with most of the restructuring momentum coming from states with relatively high electricity rates, according to a study by the Gas Research Institute that tracks developments through October 1999 (GRI-99/0240.)

The study found that 24 states have enacted legislation or issued deregulatory orders on electric industry restructuring, up from 10 states in 1997. The 24 states represented more than 73 million consumers, accounting for 60 percent of electricity customers in the United States. Restructuring picked up momentum in 1999, with nine states adopting deregulation plans vs. only two new states in 1998. Contact Kelly Murray at 703-526-7832.

Website Rankings. Energy has inaugurated its proprietary ranking of corporate websites in the energy and utilities industry, including gas, electric and water utilities, energy producers, energy traders and marketers, energy logistics companies, equipment and technology vendors and professional service providers. Contact Kathy O. McGrath at 800-849-7981.


NOx Controls. A federal appeals court upheld new source performance standards for nitrogen oxide emissions imposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under Clean Air Act Sec. 111 for industrial and utility boilers (0.2 and 0.15 lbs. respectively, per million BTU), endorsing the EPA's confidence in the "selective catalytic reduction" technology.

It said the EPA had discretion to issue uniform standards for all new utility boilers, instead of using a range of standards based on boiler and fuel type. Lignite Energy Council v. EPA, No. 98-1525, Dec. 21, 1999 (D.C.Cir.).

Cellular Phone Towers. Affirming a district court ruling, an appeals court ruled that federal law preempts any local zoning ordinance that seeks to regulate interference with radio frequencies. SW Bell Wireless Inc

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