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Fortnightly Magazine - July 15 2001

On the Origin of Markets: Electricity Evolution in the U.K.

A story of power, pools, and parallels with the U.S. experience.
Carl J. Levesque


Transmission Planning: Weighing Effects on Congestion Costs

Planners should focus on more than just meeting NERC reliability standards.
Eric Hirst and Brendan Kirby


Izzbee, Izz it?

The Energy Industry Standards Board doesn't exist yet, but it's got regulators talking.

Bruce W. Radford

More than two years ago, I suggested in this column that regional independent system operators would likely supplant the regional reliability councils as the caretakers of electric system reliability. And that's still possible—if the ISOs move quickly to RTO status, and if the RTOs get cracking right away on adopting uniform business rules. But the FERC may get tired waiting for that to happen.


Christopher D. Seiple


News Digest

FERC Docket No. ER01-2076-000, protest filed June 15, 2001.


News Digest



The world goeth fast from bad to worse.

wrote a country gentleman in 1375,

- Gimpel, The Medieval Machine
(Penguin, 1976) pp. 214-217.

One hopes that historians centuries hence won' t have to look back at our own regulatory schemes with the same note of disbelief and disdain.

Off Peak

TISO wins prize for expanding its payroll.


X Marks the Spot: How U.K. Utilities Have Fared Under Performance-Based Ratemaking

Returns for U.K. RECs have proven resilient, despite price cuts, efficiency targets, and the windfall profit tax.
A.J. Goulding, Julia Frayer and Jeffery Waller