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Tariff Tinkering

FERC says it won’t ‘change’ the native-load preference, but don’t bet on it.

Fortnightly Magazine - January 2006

staffed a number of state-federal joint boards to study the issue of security constrained economic dispatch for various market regions and to report back to the commission and Congress, by Aug. 7, 2006. (See, Order convening Joint Boards, Dkt. AD05-13, Sept. 30, 2005, 112 FERC ¶61,353.)

2. Mid-American Energy’s vice president and general counsel Steven Weiss responded in writing later to many of Ms. Kimber’s accusations. Among other points, he denied charges that improved opportunities for small municipal utilities to participate with MEC in transmission planning, or to share with MEC in joint ownership of grid facilities, might have improved the situation. Weiss noted that the region already possessed a well-established model for collaborative transmission planning. “Ms. Kimber’s own clients,” he added, “already serve on planning committees which conduct such joint transmission planning and a number of municipal or cooperative utilities have co-ownership interests with MidAmerican in transmission facilities.” In fact, Weiss added that approximately 33 percent of his company’s (then) 1,158 miles of 345-kV lines were owned jointly with municipal utilities or their agencies. (See, Written Statement of Mid-American Energy, FERC Docket RM04-7, filed Jan. 21, 2005.)