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Fortnightly Magazine - February 2011

road tests that aim to evaluate the performance of up to 50 electric vehicles under a variety of circumstances, notably winter conditions. The project, was announced at the Montreal International Auto Show in 2010, is designed to study users’ charging habits, driving experience and overall satisfaction as well as vehicle behavior when interfaced with the electric grid.

AES Energy Storage began operation of an 8 MW battery-based storage system located in Johnson City, N.Y. AES says the project, which is designed to level the variability of generation and demand on the grid in the New York power market by delivering instantaneous response to grid operator requests for power, is the first of its kind in the United States. Upon its anticipated completion in 2011, the project will supply 20 MW of emissions-free reserve capacity. On Dec. 31, 2010, the project completed its initial performance testing with the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) and is operating as a frequency regulation provider, delivering reserve capacity that helps grid operators maintain the balance between generation and load.