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Fortnightly Magazine - April 2011

in California to purify wastewater biogas so that it meets state standards for natural gas delivered to homes and businesses. Escondido’s Hale Avenue resource recovery facility is the test site of an innovative new pressure swing adsorption system that takes raw gas produced from the facility’s normal operation and upgrades it through a multi-stage process to produce pipeline-quality natural gas. The $2.7 million demonstration project is expected to continue for up to 12 months in order to prove the technology’s economics and environmental performance. After that, the equipment would be put into commercial use on-site or, if necessary, moved to an alternative location. The demonstration project is funded by SoCalGas’ research and development group.

FlexEnergy’s Powerstation technology will be used at the Department of Defense’s (DoD) base in Fort Benning, Ga., to convert its landfill gas into renewable energy. FlexEnergy will deliver two Powerstation units, totaling 250 kW of capacity, in collaboration with Southern Research Institute (SRI) through the DoD’s Environmental Security Technology Certification Program. FlexEnergy says DoD selected its technology for its ability to oxidize low-methane gases. A FlexEnergy pilot project operates at the Lamb Canyon Landfill in Riverside County, Calif.


GE completed the acquisition of next generation technology from Wind Tower Systems (WTS), which is expected to enable taller wind turbine towers. The need for taller, cost-efficient towers is becoming an important factor in the wind industry as blade lengths increase. WTS has been working on the development of the space-frame tower system technology for use at wind farm sites that require hub heights of 100 meters or more. WTS also has been developing innovative ways to transport and install these taller wind turbine towers. The space-frame technology will use standard flatbed trucks, and Hi Jack system technology can eliminate the need for heavy lift cranes during installation. GE plans to install a prototype of the space-frame tower system technology to validate and test its design later this year with commercial availability targeted for 2012.

IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) acquired Ballista Securities , a registered broker-dealer that offers an electronic options platform for executing block-sized and complex multi-leg options transactions. Ballista will augment ICE’s existing initiatives in the options market, which began with YellowJacket’s entry into the off-exchange negotiated market last year. YellowJacket, a wholly owned subsidiary of ICE, is a leading options negotiation platform. The Ballista system will be incorporated into the YellowJacket workflow. Ballista will be operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of ICE. Terms of the transaction weren’t disclosed.

GE acquired privately-held Lineage Power Holdings from The Gores Group, LLC. Lineage Power is a global provider of high-efficiency power conversion infrastructure technology and services for the telecommunications and data-center industries. The acquisition positions GE Energy technology to be deployed in the $20 billion per-year power conversion space, where the demand for reliable, high quality power is driven by growth in cloud computing and mobile Internet voice, video and data applications. Lineage Power had revenues of about $450 million in 2010. Lineage Power is headquartered in Plano, Texas, and has nearly 2,300 employees, with manufacturing operations in China, Mexico