About Us

About Us

Public Utilities Fortnightly (PUF) is the forum for stakeholders in utility regulation and policy.  Members organizations debate the best course for the public interest. Founded in 1928, PUF was created to provide a neutral platform for key stakeholders to contribute to the conversation surrounding regulatory and policy issues without outside agenda or bias. It was, and continues to be, the one place where all industry stakeholders have a voice and can “Impact the Debate.” 


Consistent with the history of Public Utilities Fortnightly, our mission is to provide an unbiased platform for member thought-leaders to engage in open discussion about regulatory policies and issues that impact and shape the energy industry.
We strive to help educate and encourage dialog among our core constituencies which include; regulators, utilities, industry groups and professional firms.  


PUF membership includes unlimited access to all PUF content for your entire organization.  The opportunity to impact the debate is available via contributed content on PUF platforms.  Public Utilities Fortnightly's editorial staff provides direction on how to best connect with PUF’s member companies. (Current member list)

Categories of Membership 

Public Utility Commissions
Absolutely central to the debate on energy policy are the 51 state Public Utility Commissions (NARUC members). These organizations are the governing bodies that regulate the rates and service of public utilities. All 51 Public Utility Commission offices in the U.S. are members of Public Utilities Fortnightly. More than 200 state commissioners and 2,000 of their key staff members contribute content and read PUF regularly. 
Investor Owned Utilities
More than 20 of the nation’s largest investor owned utilities are also members of PUF. Hearing the perspective of those affected by regulatory policy provides discussion on both sides of the issue. Utility executives and their key staff read PUF regularly and contribute to the conversation. 
Public Power, Co-ops and other industry groups
As the industry has evolved, other organizations such as municipal utilities and electric cooperatives have joined the conversation. PUF has published insightful editorial opinions from these members and their supporting organizations along with opinions from U.S. Presidents, federal agencies, state legislators, trade associations and consumer advocate groups. 
Associate Members 
Associate Member companies are those that have an interest in staying informed of energy policies and issues affecting the industry. By providing goods and services to electric utility companies, they have key insights into the changes taking place within the industry.  These organizations provide a unique “outsiders perspective” on issues and challenges affecting the industry.  These organizations read PUF regularly and provide thought leadership and industry direction to help round out the debate.