About Us

We're a Member Association

We transformed Public Utilities Fortnightly in 2016, in the eighty-eighth year since its founding, to a member association.  About two-hundred fifty utilities, industry organizations, utility regulatory bodies, other governmental agencies, vendors, professional firms, advocacy groups have become PUF members.

For the members, PUF is a platform to participate in the utilities and energy industries' sustainable, resilient, affordable debates. And amplify their points of view on policies, strategies, innovations, products, and services.

We're a Platform

We're not journalists. PUF interviews are uniquely full Q&As in which members say what they want to say to policymakers and decisionmakers and how they want to say it. Members also submit essays and articles to win hearts and minds on the most important and contentious issues facing the industries' leaderships.

We're for the Industries' Leaders

We don't aim for clicks. PUF uniquely is a magazine for utility and regulatory leaders filled with the perspectives of utility and regulatory leaders.

We're an Engaging Beautiful Magazine to Impact the Debates

While the ten thousand plus readers most often page through PUF with their digital devices, that the high-def highly illustrated print magazine is considered a keeper and keepsake magnifies its impact.

We Bring Members Together

From conferences to luncheons to Zoom-based panel discussions, the PUF team frequently gathers leaders to talk about shared challenges and opportunities.