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Eleven Interviews

PUF met with the PSC's three commissioners and its staff.

Retirement Celebration

PUF was honored to be invited to Betty Ann Kane’s retirement celebration at the DC PSC in January...

Emerging Cost Advantages

How wind and solar became cheaper than hydro, coal, and nuclear.

Smart LED Conversion Program

A conservation benefit to all ratepayers reduced 29 MW of lighting load across the winter peak.

Unlikely to Advance Carbon Reduction Goals

Why the zero net energy metric is not optimal for the energy system.

Expect the Unexpected

The energy we use attributable to battery charging is not necessarily renewable energy even if...

A DistribuTECH Discussion

Session focused on key factors driving the need for transformation in both business models and grid...

Be There in 2020

The panel consisted of Leo Denault, CEO of Entergy, Arshad Mansoor, senior vice president of EPRI,...

A Day at the Connecticut Commission

Interviews with Katie Scharf Dykes, Chair, Jack Betkoski, Vice Chair, and Mike Caron, Commissioner.

Office of Consumer Counsel

“All of us are on the edge of the frontier right now. There’s something going on in electric that’s...

A Day at the Connecticut Commission

Interviews with directors of utility regulation and adjudications for the commission.

Office of Consumer Counsel

Interviews with principal Attorney Joseph Rosenthal and staff attorneys Lauren Henault Bidra and...