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CIS systems

An interview with John Baksa, President, Hansen Technologies North America

Costs v. Benefits

Conducting a cost-benefit analysis of resiliency is particularly challenging because of high...

Tech Turmoil Ahead

The opportunity for AI to take over management of local microgrids will make community choice...

Our largest utility commission

Interviews with the Five Commissioners and Seven Staff Leaders

Landmark Project

An interview with Barbara Lockwood, Arizona Public Service VP – Regulation

Exclusive Interviews

Interviews with Twelve CEOs of Electric Cooperatives

Coordinating Three Missions

When air quality standards and rules change, they profoundly affect the power sector.

Unique Challenges

New tax law decreases the revenue requirement and the deferred taxes for electric utility companies.

Economic Experiments

It is little wonder why so many commissions prefer a regulatory model that shields most consumers (...

Potential Unintended Consequences

A high-level assessment of the largest utilities’ exposure levels and the importance of the...

Getting in Gear

For the U.S. EV marketplace to get out of first gear, utilities need to play a more active role.

Vision for the Future

We propose basic strategies to transform the current electrical system into one in line with U.S....