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Challenging Tradeoffs

Backbone transmission and expandable transmission designs have the potential to lower costs, but...

Like a River

We must stop viewing the grid as a means of transporting electricity from point “A” to point “B.”

Landmark Project

An interview with Barbara Lockwood, Arizona Public Service VP – Regulation

A Day (Two Actually) at the California PUC

“Close to two-thirds of the GHG savings so far has come from the electricity sector.”

Golden Spread Elec. & Tri-County Elec.

“If you want electricity to come from cow manure, or from wind resources, let’s look for ways to do...

CEO, Wheat Belt Public Power District

“We became a summer-peaking system, and mountain communities not too far away were winter-peaking...

ERMCO and Horry Electric Co-op

Interviews with Bill Reffert, CEO, ERMCO; Pat Howle, CEO, and Kevin Jordan, Engineer, Horry...

CEO, Central Electric Co-op

Central strives to be “the next generation utility” with its Innovation Pointe campus.

CIS systems

An interview with John Baksa, President, Hansen Technologies North America

Costs v. Benefits

Conducting a cost-benefit analysis of resiliency is particularly challenging because of high...

Tech Turmoil Ahead

The opportunity for AI to take over management of local microgrids will make community choice...

Energy Efficiency Solutions

It's not news that power systems across the United States are experiencing an upheaval.