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Happy Birthday, David Lilienthal (July 8)

Commissioner David Lilienthal, whose birthday is July 8, wrote a PUF article while at the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.

He later became one of the nation's most influential utility regulators, then a key leader of President Franklin Roosevelt's Administration on energy matters, then the chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority - he was really the driving force in TVA's creation — and then the first chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission.


Happy King Kamehameha Day

June 11 of course is King Kamehameha Day celebrating the founder of the Kingdom of Hawaii. It will be a shame if the traditional parade, festival and hula dancing must be scaled back because of the virus crisis.

Which makes us think of the time when a successor, King Kalakaua, and Thomas Edison met on September 25, 1881 in New York, while the King was on a world tour. Edison so impressed the King about electric lighting and the potential for electricity generally that Hawaii actually became a world leader in electrifying.