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Happy King Kamehameha Day

June 11 of course is King Kamehameha Day celebrating the founder of the Kingdom of Hawaii. It will be a shame if the traditional parade, festival and hula dancing must be scaled back because of the virus crisis.

Which makes us think of the time when a successor, King Kalakaua, and Thomas Edison met on September 25, 1881 in New York, while the King was on a world tour. Edison so impressed the King about electric lighting and the potential for electricity generally that Hawaii actually became a world leader in electrifying.

Demand Destruction

This May, through noon May 19, the highest hourly demand for electricity in the continental U.S. was 470.8 thousand megawatt-hours. That highest hourly demand came in hour nineteen Eastern Time on the fourth of May, the same day that the highest daily demand took place this month, at 9.6 million megawatt-hours.

Notably, this highest hourly demand was 7.6 percent less than the highest hourly demand during the same time period of last May, in 2019. And the highest daily demand was 8.3 percent less this May as compared to last May.